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July 20, 2014, damages to Jewish-owned businesses.

#why aren’t non-jews circulating this? (via frightened)

Question for the ages.





minimum wage doesn’t even TOUCH a living wage, racism and sexism are alive and well, children are killed in schools on a regular basis, those who make it to college end up with hundreds of thousands in debt, our basic rights are being stripped from us daily, and adults actually believe that SELFIES are the cause for this generation’s demise

Finally someone fucking said it

What were your inspirations, especially since [Tauriel] is a completely created character; what brought you to bring that power because there were a lot of ways you could have played that role that would have been along the lines of what we usually see for a girl in an action movie where she’s not in the adventure, she’s the prize…?


Drive: If your character could go anywhere within driving distance right now, where would they go? What would they do?
Burn: What was the last hurtful thing someone said to your character? How did it affect them? Does it still hurt?
Napkin: How are your character's manners? Do they take after who raised them?
Couch: How often does your character have "lazy days" where they don't get anything accomplished? Do they feel better or worse afterwards?
Jackhammer: What's a noise your character can't stand? How often do they come into contact with it?
Tractor: Does your character prefer the city or the country? Where were they raised?
Runaway: If your character were to leave their current home, would it be more to pursue a goal or get away from something negative?
Hermit: If they had it their way, how long would your character like to spend alone?
Rollercoaster: Does your character like going to fairs or amusement parks? Would they rather ride the rides or sit and watch?
Hidden: What is something nobody knows about your character? Is it a habit, thought, ritual, belief?
Mystery: What is the thing your character thinks about the most?
Gothic: What clique did your character belong to in school? Did they get along well with the others?
Storm: Is your character frightened by thunderstorms? Do they like the rain? What made them that way?
Request: If your character could have one physical thing at this moment, what would they want?
Obligation: Does your character feel indebted to anyone? Whom and why?
Handprint: What is one non-physical characteristic about your character that is unique?
Officer: How does your character feel about authority figures? How do they treat them? Does how they feel about them and how they actually treat them differ?
Consequences: What is your character's latest regret? How did it change the course of their life?
Senses: If your character had to choose to live without one of the five senses for the rest of their life, what would they choose and why?
Proof: What is an absurd situation your character has gotten into that others didn't believe?
Faith: Does your character believe there is an afterlife? What do they believe happens after death?
Sarcasm: Does your character put people down or belittle them? Are they ever put down or belittled?
Court: Has your character ever been in trouble with the law?
Charm: Is there a certain object your character always carries with them?
Tattoo: How does your character feel about piercings and tattoos? Do they have or want any? Do they judge others that have them?
Chopsticks: Does your character have any special talents or skills? How useful are they?
Porn: What are your character's sexual turn-ons and turn-offs?
Time: Is your character typically early or late? Do they value their time or find it slipping away easily?
Ricochet: What's the last thing your character did that had a major impact on someone else? Was it positive or negative? How does your character feel about it?
Favor: Does your character have a problem asking for help? If so, is it because they are stubborn or just shy?
Adversary: Who is your character's arch rival? If not a specific person, an idea, belief, or entity?
Dirt: What's currently on your character's conscience? Why can't they shake it off? What can they do to resolve it?
Suspense: What does your character often worry about?
Cobra: Is your character known to start fights? Are they known to break them up or avoid them altogether?
Coconut: What would be your character's perfect vacation destination? What does that say about them?
Fire: What is your character's most irritating pet peeve? Why does it irk them so much?
Line: What is something your character is stubborn about? Why won't they budge on their position or belief?
Homeless: How does your character treat homeless people? Do they ignore them, hate them, give them money?
Glass: How accurately does your character see themselves?
Leaves: What is your character's favourite season? Why do they prefer it over the others?
Capsule: In what order does your character value the following: knowledge, family, friends, career, money?
Skin: What scars does your character have? Are they visible?
News: Does your character watch, read, or keep up with the news? What are their favourite types of stories?
Myth: Does your character have any beliefs that are simply not correct or acceptable?
Field: Does your character like the outdoors? What do they like or not like about it?




Canadian music festival takes huge step against Native appropriation

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From their announcement:

For various reasons, Bass Coast Festival is banning feathered war bonnets, or anything resembling them, onsite. Our security team will be enforcing this policy.

We understand why people are attracted to war bonnets. They have a magnificent aesthetic. But their spiritual, cultural and aesthetic significance cannot be separated.

Bass Coast Festival takes place on indigenous land and we respect the dignity of aboriginal people. We have consulted with aboriginal people in British Columbia on this issue and we feel our policy aligns with their views and wishes regarding the subject. Their opinion is what matters to us.

Hell yeah.


Save this one for a night when all you want is for your brain to let you rest. Too often I go to bed, my body exhausted, my mind unable to stop moving. Luckily, there’s this masterful version of “Once Upon a December” from the (highly underrated) animated movie Anastasia. It’s a perfect piece to guide you to a peaceful slumber, because this music? It’s the stuff of dreams.

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Narrating People’s Lives: On the Sidewalk! by Thomas Sanders

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imagine “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” but with little Arthas in Lordaeron knocking on little Varian’s door and Varian is in a mood
"ok bye ):"